Are you looking to build, protect and maximise your personal assets in preparation for your retirement? Avantage Service is offering you secure, competitive and totally independent pension solutions to support you in your golden years.

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The Swiss pension system

In Switzerland, the pension system rests on three pillars:

  • The first pillar is known as the staterun pension scheme (ensured by a distribution system)
  • The second pillar is known as the occupational pension scheme (compulsory for all workers subject to the AVS, starting with a minimum wage)
  • The third pillar is known as the individual pension scheme (noncompulsory and aimed at filling pension gaps).

The first two pillars allow for your standard of living to be maintained at a reasonable level, but are often insufficient. Hence the need to resort to complementary solutions to maintain the standard of living that you had prior to reaching retirement age.


Avantage Service is offering you two secure, competitive and independent pension solutions:

  • The savings account 3 (which you can subscribe to online today)
  • The Synchrony Funds multimanagement investment funds

Savings account 3

What is a savings account 3?

The Avantage Service savings account 3 is the ideal way to secure your financial future and to fill the gaps in your first and second pillar pensions. It will enable you to consolidate your retirement in accordance with your financial options, while achieving a tax saving. This account offers great payment flexibility and a preferential interest rate.


  • You can offset the annual amount paid into your savings account 3 against tax
  • You have the option of fulfilling the necessary guarantees for financing your property project
  • You have a preferential interest rate that is not subject to withholding tax
  • At the legal retirement age, a conversion into LPP A fund units (excluding pension) is possible.

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Synchrony Funds

What are the Synchrony investment funds?

The Synchrony LPP Funds are multi-management investment funds that are managed by the fund management unit, BCGE Asset Management. These are the appropriate instruments to increase your long-term pension assets. Invested in the financial markets, the Synchrony LPP Funds follow a rigorous philosophy for selecting the best investment funds in the world, which is carried out totally independently. The aim of the Synchrony LPP Funds is to facilitate as steady a growth as possible in your pension capital, while limiting risks by optimally diversifying investments according to set profiles.


  • The Synchrony Funds are divided into five allocation profiles to suit your needs and objectives
  • You can diversify your investments
  • You can achieve a risk/return ratio in line with your personal goals and your investment profile.

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