As a homeowner, your mortgage is coming to an end. So, are you now looking for financing options that best suit your circumstances? Then look no further! Avantage Service is offering you a mortgage loan renewal that has highly advantageous rates, while supporting you throughout the process of signing it online. And all in just 15 minutes.


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The benefits of renewing with Avantage Service

A few months before your mortgage expires, your bank adviser will contact you to agree on its renewal. Then, choosing a mortgage model that suits your needs is totally in your hands, as is selecting the bank that will support you through it.


By choosing to renew your mortgage loan online with Avantage Service:

  • You get access to some of the lowest interest rates on the market
  • You get your renewal in 15 minutes flat
  • You can be assisted by an adviser throughout the online process
  • You are connected with a personal adviser at the end of your application
  • You can reserve your rate up to 18 months in advance.


A mortgage loan renewal with Avantage Service stands for freedom and advice at the very best rates.


Questions to ask yourself before your renewal

Take stock of your current situation and changes to it in the future:

  • Will you move house? Retire? Change job? Have children?
  • If your situation is likely to change in the coming years, it is better not to fix the rate for too long.


Seize the opportunity to reserve your rate:

  • How will interest rates change in the coming months?
  • If you think that rates will go up before your loan matures, Avantage Service is offering you the chance to lock in your rate up to 18 months in advance.


Choose your mortgage model:

  • Noone will try to force you to change your mortgage model when renewing. So, which model should you go for?
  • The answer depends on your financial situation, your level of acceptance when it comes to volatile risk, and the longterm forecast of interest rate movements: in a low interest rate environment, choosing a fixed rate of interest for the long term can be beneficial; in a high volatility rate environment, a variable mortgage or Saron mortgage may be preferable.


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